The Constitution Of:









effective 26 February 2012




The name of the federation shall be THE SOUTH AFRICAN FEDERATION OF SLEDDOG SPORTS, also known as S.A.F.S.S.





Section 1;

The object and purpose of this federation is to further sleddog sports in South Africa and will be achieved by the following:

a. Promoting the education of dog mushers and event officials

b. Promoting the public interest in the sport of sledding

c. Encouraging cooperation between clubs and other organizations

d. Standardising the rules and event management procedures.

e. Maintaining the standard of the sport in South Africa with the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF SLEDDOG SPORTS.


g. Sanctioning events which promote sleddog sport in South Africa

h. Promote control in the sport to protect the welfare of all animals, by affiliating to “Mush with P.R.I.D.E”.

i. To achieve national and international recognition of the sport of sledding.





Section 1; Qualification

Membership in the federation shall be accorded to any reputable person or organisation which seeks to:

a. Promote public interest in the sport of sledding and related activities

b. Establish uniform rules and procedures for the conduct of sledding and related activities that will foster the safety of the mushers and animals involved.

c. Promote the education of the federation’s members on its rules, regulations and procedures.

d. Inform and educate the members in the proper care and handling of the animals to ensure their humane treatment and to ensure identification and treatment of any health problems peculiar to the sled dog.

e. Foster cooperation among all members and organisations.

f. Participate as mushers in sleddog events in South Africa and internationally.


Section 2; Admission

Membership in this federation may be obtained by submission of a written application by:

a. Club supported by the Club Constitution for ratification by SAFSS. In the instance of no Club Constitution being held by the Club, the club will automatically adopt the SAFSS Constitution.

b. The application and annual dues payable by the Club and its members shall be sent to the Secretary General of the federation for accepting the application to the membership.

c. Application for membership shall be made in writing on the form prescribed from time to time and shall be considered by the Board at its first meeting after receipt of the application and acceptance by the Board will be conveyed to the applicant.


Section 3; Classification and Vote

a. Members of Clubs in the federation shall consist of the following categories as determined by age. October 1st shall be used to determine the dependant’s age for ensuing year:

b. A child is defined as aged from 6 to 12 years.

c. A junior is defined as aged 12 to 18 years.

d. Senior members are defined as being 18 years or older. For every senior member in good standing with respect to SAFSS, the club will be entitled to one vote which is held by the senior member.

e. A member club shall be any reputable organization interested in supporting the objectives and purposes of the federation whose Constitution has been lodged with SAFSS. SAFSS may recommend changes to such Constitution in order to ensure that the club’s objectives coincide with those of SAFSS.

f. A sponsor shall be a company or corporation that supports the goals of the federation by making annual contributions as set forth in section 5. A sponsor shall not vote, hold office, or serve as a committee Chairman. A sponsor may request to have an individual event named using part or the entire sponsors name in its description.

g. An honorary member shall be one who has membership conferred upon him/her by the board of directors for having made outstanding contribution to the federation. Honorary members shall not hold office or serve as a committee Chairman.

h. To be eligible to vote in elections qualified voters must be members in good standing.

i. No person will be eligible to be nominated for a post as director, or allowed to continue in such office unless they are members of clubs and are in good standing.

j. In the event of a dispute regarding payment date, the member or member club will be required to provide proof of payment to the Secretary General to ratify membership.

k. A member is eligible to vote at the AGM if joined on or before 31 August of the previous calendar year.


Section 4; Voting Procedure

a. On matters requiring action by the general membership, the members in good standing (with respect to SAFSS) of the club present may exercise their right to vote.

b. Each voting member may vote for no more than 7 (seven) candidates during the annual elections of the Board of SAFSS.

d. No one member present may hold more than one (1) proxy vote.

e. Voting via email before the actual meeting is not allowed. Persons have to take part in the meeting either physically or via a conferencing facility (e.g. Skype).


Section 5; Annual Dues

Entrance fees and subscriptions payable by the various categories of membership shall be as determined from time to time by the board of directors, but preferably before the commencement of the sledding season.


Section 6; Annual Dues Payment Schedule

Annual dues for all categories of membership renewal will be payable by April 1st.


Section 7; Fiscal Year

The fiscal year shall be from November 1st to October 31st of the following year.


Section 8; Delinquency

All dues set forth in section 5 are delinquent if not paid prior to April 1st for membership renewal. Delinquent clubs will not be allowed to partake in the SAFSS Championship in the same year. [suggested change from not being allowed to vote before the next financial year which does not make sense anymore, subject to approval]


Section 9; Reprimanding/Expulsion/Suspension of a Member or Club


1. A member may be suspended from membership by a unanimous decision of the Board or a 2/3 majority decision of the General Assembly for any of the following reasons:

a. Non-payment of any liabilities to SAFSS.

b. Failing to pay any annual membership fee due to SAFSS, after receiving at least one written notice from the Board or Treasurer that the member is in arrears.

c. Failure to comply with the provisions of this Constitution or the regulations appertaining thereto.

2. Suspension of membership by the Board may be appealed at the next immediate General meeting.


1. A member shall be expelled from membership in SAFSS on a resolution passed by a 2/3 majority of SAFSS in General or Special Meeting for any of the following reasons:

a. Refusal to pay any liabilities due to SAFSS

b. Non-payment of any membership fees due to SAFSS for two or more years.

c. Refusal to comply with the provisions of this Constitution or the regulations appertaining thereto.

d. After having been suspended for at least one year, and the reason for suspension still prevails.


Section 10; Non Discrimination

a. The federation prohibits discrimination in any manner against any applicant or member because of such person’s race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, as provided in the applicable law.

b. The federation prohibits discrimination in any manner against any dog entered in a sanctioned event by reasons of its breed, pedigree, or lack of pedigree.





Section 1; Structure

The federation shall comprise of Clubs that are recognised by the federation for the purpose of nominating and electing directors through their members in good standing with regards to SAFSS to the board of directors of the federation. Such Clubs shall operate normally within the borders of The Republic of South Africa.





Section 1

The board of directors shall comprise of 7 (seven) directors, no 2 (two) of which may be related or co-habitants.


Section 2; Administration

a. Business and purpose of the federation shall be under the management control of the board of directors. The term of office for directors shall be 2 (two) years.

b. Immediate action may be taken by the President or the board of directors at any time provided a majority of directors vote for such action by mail, e-mail, fax or by telephone. Telephone votes are to be confirmed by the director in writing to the Secretary General of the federation within three weeks. Voting details must be recorded by the Secretary General.


Section 3; Resignation

A director may resign from the board of directors by submitting a written resignation to the board of directors or having it minuted at a board meeting.


Section 4; Removal of Directors

a. A director may be subject to removal procedure provided that a petition to that effect is signed by 30% (thirty percent) of the voting members and sent to the Secretary General. A ballot to determine whether the named director is to be removed from office shall be mailed no later than 30 days (thirty) after the petition is received by the Secretary General.

b. Members shall have at least 30 days (thirty) to cast their ballots and the deadline shall be indicated on the ballot.

c. An affirmative vote of ⅔ (two thirds) of the ballot received by the Secretary General prior to the voting deadline shall be required for the removal of a director.


Section 5; Vacancy

a. In the event of a vacancy on the board of directors, the remaining members of the board shall appoint a member in good standing to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term. Such member shall hold office of the board member they have replaced until the next AGM. The duty of the vacant board position will be re-elected amongst the new board.

b. A board member’s seat shall fall vacant if such member:

Dies – from date of their death;

Resigns – from the date of such resignation;

Otherwise ceases to be a member of the Federation – from the date their membership ceases;

Fails to attend 3 (three) consecutive meetings of the Board without the permission of the Board – from the day following the date of the third meeting they have failed to attend.


Section 6; Quorum

Four (4) directors shall constitute a quorum of any meeting of the SAFSS board of directors.





Section 1; Classification

a. The elective officers of the federation shall be members of the SAFSS board of directors. There shall be 7 Directors, made up as follows:

i) President of the board

ii) Vice president

iii) Treasurer

iv) 4 Directors fulfilling the roles of Trail Boss, Competitive Sledding Co-ordinator, Recreational Sledding Co-ordinator, Junior Sledding Co-ordinator.

b. There shall be a Secretary General, who shall be responsible for the day to day running of the federation and will be appointed from the board of directors

c. There shall be a public relations officer, who need not be on the board of directors.

d. There shall be a newsletter editor, who needs not to be on the board of directors.

e. The Secretary General shall have a vote.

f. The treasurer shall be a member of the board, but can not be the President or Vice President.

g. Every club will be allocated to a region. Every region has to nominate a representative on the SAFSS board which is then automatically accepted. This nomination process should involve all affiliated clubs of that region in a fair and transparent way following the SAFSS voting procedure. The term is two years.


Section 2; Duties

a. The president has overall responsibility for all activities of the federation and reports to the board of directors. All other officers of the federation, including vice president, treasurer, public relations officer, secretary general, legal counsel and federations newsletter editor shall report to the president, shall preside at all meetings of the federation, the board of directors, countersign all contracts, appoint standing and special committees and assign such duties as necessary to the directors, and other officers.

b. The vice-president acts for the president in the president’s absence, and shall delegate another director to act in the vice-president’s absence when appropriate.

c. The treasurer shall be responsible for all the federation’s financial affairs, which includes monthly reports during the period March to August & at any meetings of the board between September & February as requested. These reports shall comprise a file with bank statements, lists of members who have paid membership fees stating the date of receipt and, members who have not paid fees, letters notifying members of outstanding fees, affiliate fees paid to international federations, payments in respect of events, equipment or meetings. All of the above shall have proof of payment, proof of authorization by at least 2 (two) other board members, which shall comprise a written quote or tax invoice. No cash payments or cash receipts shall be paid or accepted for any reason whatsoever.

It shall be the duty of the Treasurer:

1. To attend all general meetings of the Federation and all meetings of the Board. In the event of the Treasurer being unable to be present at any meeting, they shall ensure that the financial books and any financial statements or reports required at the meeting are handed to the Chairman or a member of the Board prior to the meeting. In such event it shall be the duty of the Secretary to inform the Treasurer of all decisions relating to financial matters taken at the meeting;

2. To maintain up to date, proper books of account reflecting the Federation’s financial transactions and to reflect adequately the financial position of the Federation;

3. Subject to the control of the Board, to administer the finances of the Federation;

4. To collect and bank expeditiously all monies owing to the Federation and to disburse monies due by the Federation without undue delay;

5. To keep the Board informed at all times on the general financial position of the Federation;

6. To prepare a report on the financial transactions of the past financial year and undertake to have the financials audited for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

d. The secretary general shall record minutes of all federation and board meetings. The secretary general shall preside over the daily business activities of the federation, this shall include processing memberships, answering general communications by phone, e-mail, mail and fax, distribute letters and proposals at the request of directors and when indicated, committee chairman, process race schedules, sanctioning applications, race results, points standing and reports, for the federation’s newsletter, process awards, certificates, etc. Maintain communication with the IFSS and other international sleddog bodies. Liaise with Kennel Union when necessary. The secretary general shall endeavour to attend all SAFSS meetings and maintain communications between board members.

e. The public relations officer shall be responsible for the publicity, promotions, public relations, and activities of the federation, represent SAFSS at representative sports organisations in South Africa or abroad and determine the event and classes that will constitute the South African Championships that must be scheduled annually.

f. The newsletter editor shall produce a monthly newsletter.

g. The 4 directors at large shall each be responsible for one of the following functions:

1. Trail boss – shall work with all clubs or individuals who are granted SAFSS sanctioning for an event whether it be competitive or recreational and shall be the keeper of all equipment owned by SAFSS relating to the marking of trails, clearing trails, start area, parking area, registration area and finishing area.

2. Competitive Sledding Co-ordinator (Race Judge) – shall be responsible for the running of all SAFSS sanctioned time trial events and shall appoint all race officials in the capacity they are competent and/or qualified in.

3. Recreational Sledding Co-ordinator (Trail Marshall)– shall be responsible for the running of all SAFSS sanctioned recreational events and shall appoint all trail officials in the capacity they are competent and/or qualified in.

4. Junior Sledding Co-ordinator (Trail Marshall) - shall be responsible for the running of all SAFSS sanctioned junior events and shall appoint all trail officials in the capacity they are competent and/or qualified in.





Section 1; Audit

The financial records of the federation shall be audited annually by a certified accountant. His/her report shall be presented to the members at the annual AGM.


Section 2; Cheque Account

a. A cheque account shall be opened at a suitable bank for the purposes of depositing fees and income, and the payment of debts due by the federation.

b. No member of the board of directors may be held personally responsible for debts incurred by the federation unless such director has performed a criminally fraudulent act.

c. The cheque book shall be held by the treasurer or his/her designate.

d. All cheques issued by the federation shall be approved at meetings of the board. All cheques must be signed by 2 of 3 signatories.

e. EFTs can be done, but with written permission by the President and one other Board member.






Section 1; Nominations

a. Nominations for directors of the board shall be made by SAFSS members from the floor at the AGM.

b. All nominees must be members of good standing of SAFSS.

c. The list of names of nominees shall be displayed prominently where all voting members present can see them.


Section 2; Elections

a. The current president or his/her representative shall direct the election process.

b. Elections shall be by written ballot.

c. Each ballot paper shall contain space to write the names of nominees required for the post of director.

d. Each member of good standing with voting rights shall receive one ballot.

e. The names of not more than seven (7) nominees should be written on each ballot paper by the person eligible to vote.

f. At least two independent members present must count the votes and agree on the result.

g. The nominees achieving the most votes shall be elected to the board of directors.

h. A ballot paper containing more names than required will be considered a spoiled paper.





Section 1; Annual Meetings

a. There shall be an AGM of the federation before March 1st of each year, the place and exact date of each AGM shall be set by the SAFSS board of directors.

b. There shall be an annual meeting of the new SAFSS board of directors within one (1) week of the AGM to elect the president, vice-president and other officers.

c. Participation in meetings via conferencing facilities is allowed. Participants shall inform the board in advance.


Section 2; Special Meetings

a. A special general meeting of the federation may be called by the SAFSS board of directors or by notification in writing signed by one third (33%) of members of good standing to the Secretary General.

b. A special meeting of the board of directors may be called by the President at any time.

c. Meetings of the committees may be called at any time by the President of the board and may request the report of a committee at any time.

d. Participation in meetings via conferencing facilities is allowed. Participants shall inform the board in advance.


Section 3; Notice

The date, time and location of each AGM or special meeting called by the membership shall be published thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting.


Section 4; Agenda

a. Items for the agenda of all AGM and special meetings must be communicated to the Secretary General at least fifteen (15) days prior to such a meeting in order to be discussed.

b. Items not on the agenda at such meetings may not be discussed.

c. All proposals not concerning changes to the constitution may be implemented by simple majority at such meetings.


Section 5; Board Meetings

a. The Board shall meet for the dispatch of business as often as is necessary but not less than once every 2 (two) months, provided that the Secretary shall convene the meeting of the Board immediately on receipt of a written request signed by at least four members of the Board and setting out in full the purpose of the meeting.

b. Not less than 7 (seven) days notice of all meetings of the Board shall be given.

c. Participation in meetings via conferencing facilities is allowed. Participants shall inform the board in advance.




Section 1

a. This constitution and bylaws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two thirds (⅔) of members of good standing with voting rights present at the AGM or special meeting.

b. Amendments to the constitution must be on the meeting agenda as stipulated in article 9 section 4 a.





Section 1; Sanctioning

a. The federation will sanction events which fulfill the objectives of the federation as specified in article 2.

b. Such sanctioning will take the form of supporting events falling into the following categories:

i) Organised events by individuals, or clubs which involve the use of time trials to establish a winning team and musher, with the purpose of awarding points.

ii) Organised events by individuals or clubs which involve the competition of teams in time trails or endurance tests for an award or title to dogs or musher.

iii) Organised events by individuals or clubs which involve the competition of dogs and mushers in fun events, prizes or cups.

iv) Organised events by individuals or clubs for training or recreational sledding purposes.


Section 2; Rules

a. The federation will follow the general rules for competition issued by the IFSS, as amended from time to time.

b. Variations to these rules to suit local conditions and specific events are allowed provided the safety of dogs, mushers and spectators are not compromised.

c. The SAFSS board of directors will make decisions on particular aspects of the enforcement of rules where necessary.


Section 3; Points

The SAFSS directors will from time to time decide on a point structure on sanctioned events.


Section 4; Venue of Annual Championship

Regarding the venue for the Championship: the venue must be located in an area central to the membership with similar travelling times.





Section 1; Dissolution

a. The federation may be dissolved at any time by written consent of no less than two thirds (⅔) of the total eligible voters of the federation.

b. In the event of the dissolution of the federation, whether voluntary or involuntary, or by operation of law, none of the property of the federation, nor any assets of the federation, shall be distributed to any members of the federation, but after payment of debts of the federation, its property and assets shall be given to a charitable organisation selected by the SAFSS board of directors.

e organisation selected by the SAFSS board of directors.