The South African Federation of Sleddog Sports, SAFSS, is the governing body for competitive dryland dog-sledding in South Africa and is affiliated accordingly to the International Federation of Sleddog Sports, IFSS.

SAFFS was founded in 1992 and accepts sledding clubs and individuals as members who strive to conduct dog-sledding as a competitive sport rather than a recreational and social activity.

The organisation and its members are bound to the SAFSS Constitution and its various bylaws in which rules for sledding events and the annual SAFSS Championship are set out. The latest addition to these rules include a Code of Conduct and a Body Scoring System for participating dogs, both of which are being finalised or are on a trial period.

Next to the Championship, about eight events are typically organised by member clubs in a sledding season which are open to participation by members and non-members alike.

The Board of Directors consists of seven members in good standing who are running the affairs of the organisation for a period of two years and are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is typically held in February of each year.

Apart from the mentioned affiliation to the IFSS, SAFFS is affiliated to Mush with P.R.I.D.E. and SportAccord.

If you like more information or consider becoming a member, please, contact us via the contact form. The Vice-President, Vanda Gilbert, or the President, Wolfgang Meyer, will answer you directly or forward your message to the members  of the Board.

Best regards,

The SAFSS Board